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Academic Diploma Electrical & Electronics Engineering
MNU - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
These programmes will enable the learners to enhance your understanding of engineering and help the career advancement. By studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering the learners can choose from a range of units that will allow to study towards electronics or electrical power, or a combination of the two. The course contains significant project- based learning, including laboratory investigations, design work, projects, case studies and tutorials. learning methods will include student centered work alongside more traditional methods and practical problem solving.

Year 1
  1. Engineering Design
  2. Engineering Maths
  3. Engineering Science
  4. Managing a Professional Engineering Project (Pearson - Set)
  5. Electrical and Electronic Principles
  6. Electrical Machines
  7. Digital Principles
  8. Electronic Circuit and Devices
  9. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Year

Electrical -year-1.jpg
Year 2
  1. Research Project
  2. Professional Engineering Management (Pearson - Set)
  3. Futher Mathematics
  4. Industrial Power, Electronics and Storage
  5. Industrial Systems
  6. Utilization of Electrical Power
  7. Further Electrical, Electronic and Digital Principles
  8. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Year

Progression Pathway
Progression Pathway Upon completion of HND program students can pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.
  1. B.Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. B.Eng (Hons) Electronic and Communication
Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities Employment in a broad range of industries with either a managerial or technical bias in research and development, design, technical sales and production.

Job Scope

  1. Electrical Maintenance Engineer
  2. Maintenance Supervisor
  3. Electrical Project Assistant Manager