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Academic Diploma Construction & The Build Environment (Civil)
MNU - Civil Engineering
This Diploma course will provide the learners with the necessary skills to work effectively in the construction industry. The learners will gain a through grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required in the construction sector, and will be able to study specialist units to suit their interests and career needs. The learners will also gain an understanding of how emerging technologies affect the design and production phases of construction projects, take responsibility for the contribution to a project, and work as part of a team, and understand current health and safety regulations.

Year 1
  1. Mathematics for Construction
  2. Construction Technology
  3. Construction Information (Drawing, Detailing, Specification)
  4. Science & Materials
  5. Principles of Structural Design
  6. Individual Project (Pearson-set)
  7. Construction Practice & Management
  8. Legal & Statutory Responsibilities in Construction
  9. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Year

Year 2
  1. Futher Mathematics for Construction
  2. Geotechnics & Soil Mechanics
  3. Highway Engineering
  4. Hydraulics
  5. Advanced Structural Design
  6. Project Managnment
  7. Group Project (Pearson-set) - 1
  8. Group Project (Pearson-set) - 2
  9. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Year

Progression Pathway
Upon completion of HND program students can pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.
  1. B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering
  2. B.Sc (Hons) Construction Management
  3. B.Sc (Hons) Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management
  4. B.Sc (Hons) Building Surveying
Career Opportunities
Employment within the construction trade in a managerial or technical capacity.

Job Scope

  1. Quantity Surveyor
  2. Junior Site Engineer
  3. Site Supervisor