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Academic Diploma Business Marketing
MNU - Business Marketing
This course gives an overview of the marketing function .It will consider the purchase decision-making process and the variables and situations influencing buyer behavior as well as exploring the marketing research process; the ability to determine specific promotional activities in response to target audience; the applications and evaluation of analytical tools to create a marketing plan; and sales planning and operations and the different stages of the sales process. This course offers greater depth and specialization of the knowledge on marketing required to undertake promotional activities, students will learn about understanding markets, conducting research, planning and executing promotional campaigns.

Year I
  1. Business and the Business Enviorment
  2. Marketing Essentials
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Mangement and Operations
  5. Management Accounting
  6. Managing a Successful Business Project (Pearson - Set )
  7. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  8. Financial Accounting
  9. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Year

Year II
  1. Business Strategy
  2. International Marketing
  3. Research Project (Pearson -set)
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Products and Service Development
  6. Integrated Marketing Communication
  7. Digital Marketing (Specialist Unit)
  8. IELTS Preparation (4 Skills)

Duration - 1 Years)